Traffic signal coordination

Commissioner James Noack’s office is hard at work keeping Montgomery County Moving.

Our traffic operations team has completed the first stage of traffic signal coordination for all of the major corridors on South Montgomery County. This page was created to help share our results and what our traffic operation team is doing to enhance mobility for all of the motorists who travel through Montgomery County.

During this period where we are updating signal timing, we are installing flashing yellow arrows where permitted, adding time-of-day plans to account for churches and schools, and putting in different time-of-day plans for peak and non-peak hours. We were able to reduce a majority of the wait times at lights by reducing the cycle length in every plan excluding the evening peak plan.

Identified by Commissioner Noack’s South County Mobility Study, better timing was the first step to reduce congestion at a cost effective level. Our crews have installed over 24 flashing yellow arrows, over six new signalized intersections, and other various projects to reduce congestion throughout our community. Below you will find the results for several of our major corridors.

Lake Woodlands Corridor Timing Results

Research Forest Corridor Timing Results

Gosling Road Corridor Timing Results

Woodlands Parkway Corridor Timing Results

We will continue to update our page with more results, please check back often.


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