On August 27, 2015 Commissioner James Noack wrote a letter to Chairman Tryon Lewis of the Texas Transportation Commission requesting they review the traffic impact caused by the construction of the Grand Parkway. In the letter, Commissioner Noack states “My office has attempted to improve the situation to the extent of Montgomery County’s authority and resources. However, the County no longer has any authority over Riley Fuzzel / SH99 or the traffic signals in the bottleneck areas due to the segment G construction. Additional measures to increase the traffic flow during peak periods must be taken immediately. If steps are not undertaken immediately to eliminate the gridlock and relieve the bottlenecks, (1) additional vehicle collisions may occur, (2) emergency vehicles will be unable to respond to emergencies both on the roadway and in the adjoining residential and commercial areas, and (3) property values may be adversely affected.”

Commissioner Noack is also requesting the assistance of Senator Brandon Creighton, Senator Robert Nichols and Representative Mark Keough.


You can read Commissioner Noack’s full letter Here


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